As you read the client testimonials below, please keep in mind that each of us experiences illness, as well as the healing process, uniquely.  In general, acute illnesses will respond much more quickly than chronic conditions.  It is also common for children to heal faster than adults.  If you are ill, your path to health may look different than someone else with the same illness or diagnosis.  As they say, a flower will bloom on its own time…and so will you!    

Homeopathy and Chinese medicine are two examples of possible alternative approaches
to disease that do not treat the illness as an enemy and therefore do not create new diseases.
— Eckhart Tolle

Eczema, Recurring Colds and Raynaud’s Syndrome
My daughter is six years old and is as perfect as can be! Thank you, Deb!  But it hasn’t always been that way.  Where do I begin? I took my daughter to Deb about 3 years ago.  Since birth, my then 3-year-old had been struggling with chronic constipation, re-occurring cough/colds and eczema.  Her pediatrician recommended a daily regimen of over-the-counter medications consisting of Miralax, Benadryl and moisturizer.  At best, these medications provided minimal relief and the underlying conditions remained the same.  After seeing Deb, the constipation issues resolved within a short time.  She was no longer afraid to use the restroom in fear of pain. The frequency of colds and coughs was reduced dramatically.  My daughter also suffered from what was diagnosed as symptoms of Raynaud’s syndrome.  As such, her hands could not withstand cold temperatures longer than a few minutes before she would be screaming in pain.  Playing in the snow, for example, was simply not an option for her.  Again, Deb was able to address this with homeopathy and she now has a higher tolerance to cold that is much in line with that of her playmates.  Earlier this year a mosquito bite resulted in large welts and an infection.  I took her to the pediatrician who determined it was an allergic reaction to mosquitoes.  We once again sought help from Deb.  Homeopathy was able to resolve the welts and infection quickly and effectively.  Mosquito bites this past summer were mild to average and never caused the welts as before.  I have been extremely grateful to Deb for her gentleness, her knowledge, and most of all for the persistent passion she has in making sure her work speaks for itself.
- V.J. 2016
Chronic Fatigue
“I have been working with Deb for close to 2 years on long term fatigue, anemia and hypothyroid issues and had amazing results, results I couldn't get with either traditional or other holistic practices. Deb is an amazing holistic health practitioner. The last time I got the flu (worst flu in 10 years) I called her first over any other choice.  I had immediate results. I felt relief of symptoms after the first dose. Whether you are dealing with long term issues or acute symptoms, she can handle both for you beautifully. Have patience to get through the long-standing problems, it is my belief the body will heal itself. Very ethical and caring person! I highly recommend her!”
- P.P. 2016

“About 10 years ago, I sustained a head injury that left me with seizures. It was a very awful, traumatic and terrifying experience.  When I started homeopathy, I was having grand mal seizures twice a month on average for about 8 years.  It was greatly impacting my work and all aspects of my life.  I had tried multiple conventional medications.  None of them worked and I couldn’t tolerate the side effects.  I was scared that this was to be my lot in life.  But all of that changed about 2 years ago, when I began working with Deb and learning about the benefits of homeopathy. After a long introduction of my symptoms, my history and my health goals, Deb began her work on helping me. Over time, I noticed many positive changes, not only in my physical health but also in my outlook and overall attitude towards life! My seizures began to decrease along with their intensity.  Today, I have been seizure free for 6 months and have had only 1 seizure in the last year!  I have been able to take my remedy in advance if I feel a seizure coming on.  It is a freedom I thought was only a pipedream but now I AM LIVING IT.  When this journey began, I never knew how much homeopathy and Deb Snider would change my life.  I am eternally grateful to Deb for her knowledge, understanding and kindheartedness.  For anyone suffering and wondering if there are better options than taking multiple medications with awful side effects and no real healing, I would definitely recommend Deb and Homeopathy for You”.
- L.S. 2016

“About 3 years ago, my daughter’s whole body was covered with severe eczema when Deb took her as a client.  It was bright red, it burned and was extremely itchy.  The eczema started when she was about 5 months old and was a constant daily issue.  I struggled to keep clothes on as it made her even more uncomfortable.  I originally talked with her pediatrician and dermatologist.  Neither doctor was able to clear her skin and I dreaded the idea of using harmful medications. When Deb took my daughter’s case, my daughter was 2.5 years old.  Deb educated me on the issues we were facing and with sincere dedication, she managed to clear up her skin completely using homeopathy.   The process took about 4 months and there were ups and downs.  During the process, I felt well informed about the changes, homeopathy and the dosing.  I am grateful for Deb's caring dedication to my daughter!  My daughter is now 5 years old, remains free of eczema and has not needed any homeopathy for more than 2 years.”   
- A.R. (mom) 2016
Anxiety & Depression

“Deb is incredibly talented and equally diligent in her approach with clients.  I have been working with Deb over the past year and have been impressed with how she has brought to bear her focus, her experience, candor, her knowledge of homeopathy to improve my health significantly.  One of the things that I really respect about Deb is her analytical ability – she will study the problem inside out to get the desired results for her clients.”
- S.M. 2016

Infantile Colic
"We had a fantastic experience with Deb. Our one month old son had horrible colic, and our pediatrician offered nothing more than gas drops. Those didn't do anything to help our son, so they just told us that he would eventually grow out of it. It was so hard watching our son writhe in pain, and we knew we couldn't just let him "wait it out".  That's when we went to see Deb. She is extremely knowledgeable, attentive and caring. It took a couple tries to see what worked best for our son, but being that he was so young, she checked in with me every single day to not only see how he was but to let us know if the dosage was still correct.  Being that my husband and I had never gone through something like this before, it was so helpful and reassuring being able to talk to someone every day and know that someone was listening to what our son was trying to tell us. I would go back to Deb for either of my sons in a heartbeat. I know that my husband and I will look to her in the future as well."
- M.K. (mom) 2015

Digestive Issues & Anxiety
“I had been suffering from digestive and anxiety issues for years. Deb took my case and prescribed me my first remedy. My body reacted right away and within a week, my digestive issues improved drastically. Even without additional homeopathic medication, my anxiety was reduced to the point it wasn’t recognizable anymore. I highly recommend Deb and Homeopathy for You. I used to feel bogged down by my symptoms, but now I feel confident in going out without having to think about them recurring.”
- K.S. 2014



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