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Deb Snider is a Certified Homeopath and Metabolic Balance Coach located in Sun Valley, ID. However, most of her clients are located throughout the United States. 

Deb Snider is originally from Ashland, Ohio.  She graduated from Indiana University, majoring in Math and Economics.  After graduation, she worked as an Information Technology (IT) professional in the Chicago area for 17 years.  Once introduced to homeopathy, she decided to leave her IT career, attend homeopathy school and become a certified homeopath.  She started working as a homeopath in early 2013.  She and her husband, Scott, relocated to Ketchum with their dog, Maggie, in early 2018.   

Deb is one of only two board-certified homeopaths in the state of Idaho and the only certified homeopath in the Sun Valley area.  She has dedicated her life to helping others who suffer. She believes homeopathy offers hope for healing even when other options fail.

While largely unknown in the United States, homeopathy is a powerful holistic, natural and individualized approach to improve health.  The goal of homeopathy is to trigger the body to heal itself.  Homeopathy can be used alone or to complement traditional medicine.   

Deb is also a certified metabolic balance coach.  Metabolic balance is an individualized food plan designed to improve overall health and manage weight.  It is ideal for those suffering from metabolic balance syndrome or anyone who has health issues associated with being overweight such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.  It can also be helpful for those experiencing chronic joint pain and/or sleep issues or simply for those who can’t seem to get off the last 15 lbs.

If you are already familiar with homeopathy or metabolic balance and feel this is the right path for you, please contact Deb at (208) 471-8530 to schedule an appointment.  If, however, you are unsure of the best option for you, Deb offers an initial “Discovery Session” to determine how and if to proceed.  She is excited and looking forward to working with her new Idaho community.    

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